Urban Street Dining

Welcome to TAPAK, Malaysia’s first food truck park with 2 locations and growing! Seven nights a week you can take your pick of local and international cuisine from up to 30 food trucks, then chill with friends or family listening to live entertainment. No two nights are ever the same at TAPAK … you’ll love it!

Our History

What began as an idea between three good friends, TAPAK has since become the pioneer Food Truck Park in Malaysia offering the food truck community an avenue to bridge the gap between the ever growing food hunters and a great place to eat. While enjoying the scrumptious foods and signature beverages under KL's city skyline, TAPAK offers an outdoor eating environment what we call, the Urban Street Dining. The experience you get at TAPAK is purely about great food and great company with a touch of musical buskers serenading the the food lovers with great songs and sometimes even original singles. Even though the the food truck culture hails from the US, Malaysia has its fair share of origins in the mobile food stalls, namely roti Man and Burger Bakar trucks. TAPAK sits on a half an acre parking area where it transformed into a beautiful sparkly food truck park during the night starting at 6pm until Midnight. Every food hunters and food truckers alike are welcome to join the TAPAK food truck movement, we have ample space to house everyone in harmony.
Check us out, and experience for yourself the Food Truck Park in the heart of KL.


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